About 4141 houses were destroyed, official report
Mareb Press
الثلاثاء 05 أغسطس-آب 2008 الساعة 10 مساءً

    Minister of local administration and head of the committee assigned to assess the damages in Sa'ada province, Abdul Qadeer Hilal, denied that the visit of the committee was confined to the areas of al-Houthis.
  "This is an attempt to provoke people against the state by parts that are concerned with wrangles at the expense of security and stability in the country," Hilal said. 
  Earlier, some of opposition newspaper accused the committee of starting to assess the damages in the areas of al-Houthis.
  "There are not areas for al-Houthis because whole Yemen is under the sovereignty of the State," Hilal said.
  The committee prepared a report about the urgent needs and requirements of the governorate of Sa’ada and the citizens affected by the war.
He added "We will work according to the directions of the president and the strategy of the State in spreading peace and rebuilding Sa’ada.”
  Meanwhile, local sources said a military vehicle blocked the escort of the committee last week in Neshor area.
  As a result of this accident, the committee returned to Sana’a. Hilal said that the committee may not go back to Sa'ada. He added, “The governorate need for serious and responsible cooperation to restore peace after these complications resulted from the war.” 
  Helal added, “The committee present its report to the government and we will discuss these problem with the leadership.”
  He praised the cooperation of the troops and tribal sheikhs of Sa’ada to restore peace.

A total of 4141 houses, and 88 farms were damaged in Northern Province of Sa'ada during the war between the Al Houthi rebels and the government troops, said a primary official report on Tuesday.


The report which was carried by the state-run news agency Saba said some 201 public installations including 116 schools, 36 health utilities, and 26 mosques were also either wholly of partially damaged.


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